Welcome to Triple9

Abuja's best kept secret...

Welcome to Abuja's Best Kept Secret

A great new addition to the Capital city’s many hospitality choices is Triple 9 Apartments, Pool & Spa. A serene and luxurious boutique hotel that caters to a discerning clientele of business and leisure travellers looking for a tranquil haven in beautiful surroundings, with all the requisite comforts.

Luxurious residence-style lodgings - without the hefty price tag.

Tucked away in Abuja’s serene Lifecamp neighbourhood, with a panoramic view of its scenic hills and excellent hiking trails, Triple 9 Apartments provides a unique ambience with spacious and luxurious residence-style lodgings - without the hefty price tag.

Relax by the tranquil poolside

Guests can relax by the tranquil poolside, have a cocktail at the indoor bar or stylish poolside Oz-Bar, and enjoy some sizzling mouth-watering barbecues from the delightful grill spot.

Why Book with Us?

Free Wifi

Free use of the Spa

Free use of the Gym

Smart TV in every Room

Complimentary Coffee/Tea/Water